Research Starter Grants


The Research Starter Grants are small research grants from $2000 to $5000 available for active members in the first eight years after earning their Ph.D. and in the first five years of their first independent career position. These are one-time awards and do not provide indirect costs. They are awarded preferentially to applicants who have not yet received major external funding. Applicants should submit a research proposal of no more than four double-spaced, typed pages. A budget should accompany the proposal and the investigator should also provide a statement of his/her current funding. A curriculum vitaeof the investigator must be included with the proposal and budget. In addition, a brief letter from a departmental chair or institutional representative should be included, indicating that the applicant has institutional support for the application. The deadline for submission of application for these grants is February 15. Applications should be submitted via email to the Chair of the ASP Awards and Funds Committee (


Past Research Starter Grant Recipients

  • 1997 – Ben Shen, Michael Calter, Kate Graham, Michael Jaspars, Helen Oketch
  • 1998 – R. Gomes de Souza Berlink, Jose L. Giner, Marc Slattery
  • 1999 – Dale Nagle, Gil Belovsky
  • 2000 – Darrick Kim
  • 2001 – Yu-Dong Zhou
  • 2002 – David Rowley
  • 2003 – Sylvia Urban, Sergio R. Peraza-Sanchez
  • 2004 – Leng Chang, John Berger
  • 2005 – Todd Barsby, Lyndon West
  • 2006 – Nikolas Fokialakis
  • 2007 – Wendy Kelly, Sergei Dzyuba, Robert Cichewicz
  • 2008 – Roger Linington
  • 2009 – Angela Calderón, Glenroy (Dean) Martin
  • 2010 – Katherine Maloney, Jennifer Anthony
  • 2011 – Brian T. Murphy, Marcy J. Balunas
  • 2012 – Bela Peethambaran, Amy Lane, Robert Keyzers
  • 2013 – Stephen Deyrup, Kevin Tidgewell, Kimberly White
  • 2014 – Ben Philmus, Michael Bradaric, Becky Wílliams
  • 2015 – Jason Kwan
  • 2016 – Daniel Dias, Tyler Johnson, Suthananda Sunassee, Christine M. Theodore 
  • 2017 – Matthew Bertin, Laura Sanchez, Katharine Watts, Jaclyn Winter