Varro E. Tyler Prize

Nominations for 2019 Tyler Prize welcome after August 1, 2017

The Varro E. Tyler Prize is to recognize an individual who has made outstanding scientific contributions to the broad field of dietary supplements, with special emphasis on botanicals. The contributions should be in an area of phytochemistry, pharmacognosy, or pharmacology. Notable contributions to botanical studies outside these primary areas of emphasis, including, for example, clinical investigations, may also be eligible for consideration.

The Varro E. Tyler Prize will consist of a suitably inscribed plaque, a monetary prize of $5000, and travel expenses to the meeting where the award will be made. Selection: To be made by a committee appointed by the President of the American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP), consisting of a chair and at least two other members. Eligibility and Mechanism: The Varro E. Tyler Prize will be awarded either at the annual or an interim meeting of the ASP. Recipients must be present in person to receive it.

Applications/nominations (one electronic copy) for the Varro E. Tyler Prize must be received by the chairman of the Prize Committee at least two months prior to the meeting at which the award is scheduled. No special form is required, but the application should include a letter outlining the candidate’s significant contributions to the field and a detailed curriculum vitae of the nominee, including a complete listing of publications. Reprints of 2-3 significant papers may be included. Other types of supporting documents that may be listed are books, unpublished speeches, patents, and the like. Up to two supporting letters may also be submitted on behalf of a candidate/nominee. Membership in the ASP is not a requirement for consideration, nor is eligibility restricted on the basis of nationality.

  • Varro E. Tyler Prize Selection Committee
  • The first Varro E. Tyler Prize was awarded at the interim ASP meeting held at Asilomar State Park in California from November 8-11, 2001.
  • To nominate: One electronic copy of a completed nominations should be sent to the committee chair.
  • Submissions must reach the chair no later than February 15th. Applications will not be returned. The Committee will hold unsuccessful submissions for reconsideration in future years.

Please submit to the Varro E. Tyler Prize Committee at

*Note that the Varro E. Tyler Prize is administered separately.

Past Tyler Prize Recipients

  • 2001 – Norman R. Farnsworth
  • 2004 – Ezio Bombardelli
  • 2007 – Jerry L. McLaughlin
  • 2009 – Adolf Nahrstedt
  • 2010 – Mark Blumenthal
  • 2011 – Ikhlas A. Khan
  • 2012 – Roy Upton
  • 2013 – Joe Betz
  • 2014 – Ray Cooper
  • 2015 – Cindy Angerhofer
  • 2016 – De-an Guo
  • 2017 – Richard van Breemen