Title PhD Assistant Researcher
Categories Government
Organization University of HawaiĘ»i at Manoa – Pacific Cnidaria Research Lab
Location Honolulu, HI
Job Information

Job Description:

A PhD Assistant Researcher position is available for an individual with previous experience, as well as knowledge or training in the following: Bioassay development and biochemical purification of natural products/marine toxins to isolate and characterize constitutive toxins responsible for the hemolytic, neurotoxic, immunogenic and phospholipase activities using standard biochemical techniques, HPLC, electrophysiology, fluorescent imaging techniques.

The primary focus will be manuscript preparation, grant preparation and literature research. The position may also include PCR, bioassays, tissue culture, data recording, analysis (hemolysis, Bradford protein), agar assays, nematocyst prep and cell disruption, electrophoresis and blots, jellyfish collection and beach kit support.


1. Grant support: Candidate will assist in grant preparation and budget form submission for approval.

2. EHSO form and manuscript support: Candidate will perform data management, analysis, assistance with figure preparation, literature search as well as assist with designated writing and editing tasks, and protocol development.

3. Reporting and writing: Candidate will prepare lab reports and maintain laboratory notebooks.

4. Supervisory and regulatory compliance support: Candidate will prepare and maintain MSDS files, assist with student training, as well as verify and ensure adherence to state and federal lab safety regulations.

Job Requirements/Minimum Qualifications:

PhD in Chemistry/Biomedical Sciences. Excellent knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology.

Knowledge of:

1. Basic biochemical laboratory procedures

2. Cellular biological and biochemistry theory and techniques

3. Carbohydrate characterization of various bioactive and novel fluorescent glycoproteins and their contribution to observed activity

4. HPLC protocol development

5. Computer programs to include Microsoft Office, Chem Station, Unicorn, Endnote

6. Scuba and marine field ecology research

Ability to:

1. Operate laboratory equipment to include thermocycler, HPLC, spectrophotometer, fluorometer, microplate reader and fluorescence microscope

2. Maintain good record keeping

3. Type 50 wpm

4. Work independently

5. Communicate effectively

6. Be detail-oriented

7. Be highly organized

8. Multi-task

9. Take initiative

10. Start and complete projects

11. Be flexible and willing to function on a fast-paced and changing work environment

Desirable Qualifications:

AAUS Diver

Working Conditions:

1. Minimal occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals, or biohazard materials is anticipated.

2. Personal protective equipment will be provided to reduce or eliminate exposure to routine or limited hazardous chemicals or infectious agents.

3. Position contingent upon continued availability of grant funding.

Job Type: Temporary

Salary: $27.00 /hour

Job Location:

  • Honolulu, HI

Required education:

  • Doctorate

Required experience:

  • manuscript writing: 1 year
  • grant preparation & budget form submission: 1 year

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