March for Science

As President of the ASP, I encourage every scientist to go forth and get vocal in support of science! Our Facebook site is posting articles about the March for Science happening all over the country and across the globe on April 22, and you can learn more about it and how to participate locally if you choose at If that’s not your thing, talk to your family, friends, neighbors and community about the value of science for you and for them in their daily lives. Put a face – your face – on science, to create a connection that rises above the acronyms and jargon we often use. Help them to understand the importance of science for health, food, technology, the environment – whatever aspect you have a passion for. And when you do, snap a photo and share it with us** so we can post it to our Facebook page to shout that we are champions of science and are not about to fade away!

**ways to share photos:
1) post on our FB page    ASP Facebook Page
2) post on Twitter and tag us (
3 post on Instagram and tag us (
4) email directly to and we’ll re-post on our social media.

-Cindy Angerhofer

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