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The mission of the American Society of Pharmacognosy Foundation (Hereafter designated the “Foundation”) is to promote, support and further the scientific and educational interests and purposes of the American Society of Pharmacognosy.

The American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP) is an international association of over 1,000 scientists whose interests involve one or more aspects of natural products research. The Foundation supports the Society directly through its offerings of travel grants to attend the annual Society meeting; research awards to young investigators and undergraduates to work in an ASP member’s laboratory; support for the Society’s annual symposium; and support for the Society’s annual Research Achievement Award. Additionally the Foundation shares with the Society an active continuing interest in preserving our planet’s biodiversity in general and its rain forests in particular. No part of the funds or activities of the Foundation are used to influence legislation or to aid any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.

The Foundation is committed to assist the Society to provide the opportunity for association among pharmacognosists and workers in related sciences, to provide opportunities for presentation of research achievements and to promote the publication and distribution of meritorious research. It is particularly committed to those activities as they pertain to undergraduate and graduate students, and young scientists just entering upon their professional careers. In this manner, the Foundation assists the Society in training scientists for industry, academe, and government, scientists who will assume leadership roles in their respective fields in the future.

The Foundation offers an ideal way for individuals, corporations and their affiliates, or charitable organizations to make a lasting contribution to the quality of the Society’s endeavors.

Donor Advantages
Tax Benefits

Contributions to the Foundation (html form through Memberclicks; pdf form available here) are tax deductible charitable contributions. We are an organization as described in section 509(a)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In addition, the Foundation is exempt from all taxes as a 501(c)3 organization, which means that all contributions will earn income tax-free and thus maximize their value.

Simplicity and Flexibility

Donors may contribute to the Foundations core endowment fund or other existing funds. Donors may designate the purpose for which gifts are to be used, may establish a named fund, and can remain totally anonymous if they wish. Questions concerning any of the funds may be addressed to the Foundation’s treasurer.


The Foundation provides information on its programs and activities to the Society, at the Society’s Annual Meeting. Additionally, periodic informational items are published in the Society’s newsletter. The Foundation is audited annually.


Contributions to the Foundation are placed in a pooled endowment. The funds are held and invested to generate income. While both earnings and invested funds may be used, it is anticipated that the funds will grow, providing the Society benefits far into the future.

Investment Management

The funds of the Foundation are managed by its Board of Directors in cooperation with professional investment personnel, to generate strong current returns in secure investment vehicles which are balanced with long-term growth.

Types of Funds

Donors have a wide variety of objectives. To accommodate these interests the Foundation offers a wide variety of funds that can be established. All funds are open-ended. A donor may start a fund and at any time after that, make additional contributions to that fund.

Unrestricted Endowment

Unrestricted funds are encouraged and are used to meet the ever-expanding goals of the Foundation. A core endowment fund will be the recipient of these gifts.

Restricted Endowment

Restricted Funds may be limited by the donor to particular fields of charitable interest such as the Society’s awards, library support through donation of the Society’s journal to third world institutions, etc. A memorial fund can be established to honor a deceased family member, friend, noted Society member, or other person. These funds may be restricted or unrestricted for a purpose meaningful to the deceased.

Scholarship funds may be established by the donors. Guidelines for this type of gift are presently being considered by the Foundation Board of Directors.

Designated funds have been established within the Foundation by its Board of Directors. In general, these funds support the Society’s travel, research, and achievement awards categories. For information regarding any of these funds, please contact the Foundation treasurer at the address shown below.

You Can Make a Difference

By giving to the American Society of Pharmacognosy Foundation, it is possible to make an important, positive, lasting impact on the future of the Society and its science. Your personal commitment, through your gift, will join with others and become a part of something much larger, giving each of us leverage to achieve greater impact than we might have by acting alone.

Link to a secure donor contribution form (click here).

Questions about the ASPF can be addressed to:

American Society of Pharmacognosy Foundation
c/o Robert J. Krueger, PhD, Treasurer
PO Box 1667
Big Rapids, MI 49307
phone: (616) 450-1762

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