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Postdoctoral position in microbial chemistry and drug discovery

This is an opening for a Post-Doctoral Fellow position in the Loesgen Lab at UF. https://www.whitney.ufl.edu/people/current-research-faculty/sandra-loesgen-phd/We employ a multidisciplinary approach to isolated and identify compounds from terrestrial and marine fungi and bacteria, with an emphasis on inter-species interactions. Ongoing projects range from chemicals involved in fungal symbioses, marine microbiomes’ chemical effects on their hosts, metabolites from marine Actinobacteria, defense and pigmentation in Cnidarians. The Whitney Lab of Marine Bioscience is located in St Augustine Florida and is a state-of-the-art research facility. The University of Florida, ranked top 5 in the US, offers many career development opportunities for staff scientists, students, and postdoctoral scholars. The position is available March 1st 2023 or later and will be initially offered for one year with the possibility of extension. Salary is competitive and based on experience. Competitive candidates will have a record of research publications as first author in peer reviewed journals. Interested individuals should send a CV, a letter describing their research experiences and interests, and the names and email addresses of three references to Dr. Sandra Loesgen by e-mail sandra.loesgen@whitney.ufl.edu. The Loesgen Lab is on twitter @LoesgenLab, and online at www.loesgenlab.org. https://explore.jobs.ufl.edu/en-us/job/525402/postdoctoral-associate


De novo structure elucidation and de-replication of metabolites. We engage in a multitude of collaborative projects and the candidate needs to be able lead several projects. Management of our mass specs, including our new Agilent UPLC-QTOF 6546. A willingness and ability to contribute to a team-oriented research environment, participate in student and visitor training, and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, are essential.

  • Experience in natural products chemistry especially mass spectrometry (HRMS, metabolomics) and data analysis is required for this position.
  • A willingness to learn new techniques and approaches (RNA seq, genome mining, protein isolation, in vivo assay design, microbiome analyses) is essential to participate in our many collaborative projects in diverse areas.
  • Background in analytical or organic chemistry and experience with in vitro phenotypic assays are desirable characteristics.

Sandra Loesgen, sandra.loesgen@whitney.ufl.edu

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Job Location
St. Augustine FL
Date posted
January 26, 2023
Valid through
May 1, 2023
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