Student Travel Awards Named for Society Members

The Lynn Brady Travel Awards are given to graduate students to help defray the costs of travel to the annual ASP meeting, and to honor the life and work of Dr. Lynn R. Brady. Dr. Brady was a founding member of the ASP and served as the Society’s eleventh President in 1970-1971. He received a B.S. in Pharmacy and M.S. in Pharmacognosy at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Ph.D. in Pharmacognosy from the University of Washington under the direction of Dr. Varro E. Tyler. He spent his career at University of Washington, first as Professor and later as the Director of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Associate Dean for Academic and Student Programs. He had a special interest in poisonous plants and toxic mushrooms and was known for taking students on mushroom collecting hikes. Dr. Brady and his wife Gerry will be remembered for their dedication to both undergraduates and graduate students. Dr. Brady consistently reminded the ASP Leadership that for it to survive in the long run, the Society must support and encourage its student members, and that senior members have an obligation to mentor the younger members of the Society. This award was originally endowed by his wife as a tribute to her husband’s dedication to the Society and its students. Application for this award can be made by submission of a short (1-3 pages) synopsis of the work to be presented, a curriculum vitae and a letter of justification/recommendation from the advisor. All awards are contingent on the acceptance of the paper for presentation by the Scientific Program Committee.

The David Carew Student Travel Award is new for 2010. Dr. Carew is one of the founding members of the Society, was the sixth President of the Society, and also an Honorary Member of the ASP. He had a long and distinguished career at the University of Iowa and retains the title of Emeritus Professor of Pharmacognosy. Dr. Carew was a pioneer in medicinal plant tissue culture research and secondary metabolism, with work on the genus Catharanthus in particular. This newly created travel award will provide $600 to assist a young natural products scientist to attend a Society meeting and present a paper.

The Jerry McLaughlin Travel Award honors a former president of the Society, an Associate Editor of the Journal, and a Tyler Prize winner, Dr. Jerry L. McLaughlin.  Dr. McLaughlin is known for bringing as many of his students as he could possibly afford to ASP meetings, even driving half-way across the country, if necessary. Thus, the award is for student travel ($600) to the Annual Meeting. Dr. McLaughin, now retired, had a very active research group for nearly 30 years. He is probably most well known for developing simple bioassays, such as the Brine Shrimp Test, and/or for his in-depth research on bioactive annonaceous acetogenins from plants of the Annonaceae.

The Waqar H. Bhatti Student Travel Award is named in honor of Dr. Waqar H. Bhatti, Professor Emeritus at the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Bhatti was dedicated to natural products research as a source of novel medicinal agents to treat diseases as well as to manage health and well-being. He joined the faculty of Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in 1970, where he taught and conducted research for 38 years. Professor Bhatti had great passion for teaching and commitment to the pharmacy profession. He encouraged the role of pharmacists in providing integrative therapy through the combination of alternative and traditional medical practices. This travel award, named in his honor, will provide $600 to assist a young natural products scientist to attend a Society meeting and present a paper.

Please Note: Applications for all Student Travel Awards are due February 15. Application details may be found on the General Travel Awards for Graduate Students page. All travel awards/grants are provided at the annual ASP meeting, after presentation of the research as either a poster or a talk. The initial costs of registration and travel to the meeting will need to be covered by the applicant.  Travel awards are granted to the applicant and may not be transferred to another listed in the abstract.