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Research Chemist

Job Description - Announcement Open: April 27, 2022 through May 27, 2022The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research Center, Peoria, Illinois, invites applications for a Research Chemist position GS-12/13 ($79,363.00-$122,683.00 per annum). A Research Chemist is needed to characterize functional plant natural products from agricultural products and co-products. (announcement ARS-D22MWA-11475884-ELA). The ideal candidate has experience in the isolation and identification of plant or microbial natural products and defining their biological and/or chemical activities to produce new or enhanced products. This is a competitive, permanent appointment and U.S. citizenship is required. Vacancy announcements and where to apply can be found at www.usajobs.com. Closing date for applications is May 27, 2022. For more detailed information on this listing, please contact Dr. Sean Liu; Sean.Liu@usda.gov. The USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

Responsibilities - Provides metabolic analytical expertise and leadership as required by the project team.The team objectives objectives are to isolate and identify plant natural products, which have defined biological and/or chemical activities that can be utilized by agricultural industries in new or enhanced products.Characterizes and defines the mode of action of these compounds; and to develop methods for commercial production and use of these compounds.

Qualifications - Basic Requirements:Degree: physical sciences, life sciences, or engineering that included 30 semester hours in chemistry, supplemented by course work in mathematics through differential and integral calculus, and at least 6 semester hours of physics.orCombination of education and experience -- course work equivalent to a major as shown in A above, including at least 30 semester hours in chemistry, supplemented by mathematics through differential and integral calculus, and at least 6 semester hours of physics, plus appropriate experience or additional education.Additional RequirementsIn addition to meeting the basic requirements described above, applicants must also meet additional qualification requirements as stated below.Specialized Experience: Specialized experience is experience directly related to the position to be filled.

Contact - Dr. Sean X. Liu, sean.liu@usda.gov

Comments - Permanent position

Job Confirmation # - 206179665

Post End Date - 05/27/2022

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April 28, 2022
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