JNP Book Reviews

One of the challenges a book review editor faces is identifying capable and interested referees for certain books. The Journal of Natural Products seeks to review books encompassing a broad range of topics directly related to natural products or potentially impacting the field of natural products. It has been relatively easy to identify appropriate reviewers for most books in the mainstream of natural products – isolation, identification, chemistry, and biological activity. Even so, candidate reviewers are increasingly reluctant to take on the burden of reviewing a book, because of the intense pressures they already experience in their working lives. However, as books move out from that mainstream area, or become very specialized, it is less intuitively obvious to the current book review editor whom to recruit for such reviews.

This page was added to the ASP website in the hope that volunteers would rush forward, or at least tentatively indicate their potential interest and willingness to review books listed here, those books that the book review editor has had difficulty ‘placing’ for review. Books available for review will be listed here. The book review editor will happily accept volunteers who are interested and willing to review one of the listed books. The editor will also welcome suggestions from browsing members who know an expert appropriate for one of the books listed. A good review of a book related to natural products is a service both to the American Society of Pharmacognosy and to all readers of the Journal of Natural Products.

The general guidelines for reviews are to provide a written review of the book (Word file, ~500 words)—its strengths and weaknesses, overall quality of the information, composition and figures, and value to someone in the natural products community.
To review any of the books listed, contact John Cardellina, JNP Book Review Editor. Thank you for your interest in helping with this important task.

The List (March 2011):

Pharmacy Practice in an Aging Society, by JY Wick, Pharmaceutical Products Press, ~190 pp

Pharmacy Law. Desk Reference, by DD Konnor, Haworth Press, ~550 pp

Consumer’s Guide to Dietary Supplements and Alternative Medicines, by WM Davis, Pharmaceutical Products Press, ~530 pp

Nutraceuticals, 2nd Edition, by B Lockwood, Pharmaceutical Press, ~450 pp

Dietary Supplements, 3rd Edition, by P Mason, Pharmaceutical Press, ~390 pp

Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2nd Edition, Ed by SB Kayne, Pharmaceutical Press, ~625 pp

Food Microbiology, by MR Adams and MO Moss, Royal Society of Chemistry, ~480 pp

Botanical Medicine. From Bench to Bedside, ed by R Cooper and F Kronenberg, Mary Ann Liebert Publishers, ~240 pp

Handbook of Medicinal Plants of the Bible, by JA Duke, P-A K Duke and JL duCellier, CRC Press, ~525 pp

Herbal Medicines, 3rd Edition, by J Barnes, LA Anderson and JD Phillipson, Pharmaceutical Press, ~700 pp

Evaluation of Herbal Medicinal Products, ed by P Houghton and PK Mukherjee, Pharmaceutical Press, ~520 pp

Ethnoveterinary Botanical Medicine. Herbal Medicines for Animal Health, ed by DR Katerere and D Luseba, CRC Press, ~435 pp

Handbook of Drug-Nutrient Interactions, 2nd Edition, ed by JI Boullata and VT Armenti, Humana Press, ~820 pp

Biofouling, ed by S Durr and JC Thomason, Wiley-Blackwell, ~425 pp

Biology of Floral Scent, ed by N Dudareva and E Pichersky, Taylor & Francis, ~345 pp

Compendia of Worlds’ Medicinal Flora, by A Singh, Science Publishers, ~350 pp