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Title Scientist – Phytochemistry
Categories Industry
Organization L’Oreal
Location Bangalore, India
Website http://www.loreal.com
Contact nsood@rd.loreal.com
Job Information
– Implement activities, programs and projects for Phytochemistry team using dedicated resources in line with research strategies, lead times and budgets.

– Provide monitoring within your field of expertise and develop your scientific network

– Identify and develop new concepts, technologies and products to adapt them to the cosmetics industry and integrate them into programs/projects that can be transferred to the business lines

– Assist in decision-making by analysing your portfolio and evaluating project potential

– Follow-up for activities, programs and projects; issue progress reports and updates on laboratory contributions within L’Oréal and outside the company

– Guarantee the safety and efficiency of concepts, technologies and products

– Ensure the safety of people/assets and compliance with quality procedures


Title Proffessor
Categories Post-Doctoral
Organization Anyang Normal University
Location Anyang, People’s Republic of China
Website https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Yunfeng_Shi/contributions
Contact shiyunfeng2009@gmail.com
Job Information

We need post-doctor who can prepare papers and good at nanocrystal synthesis or polymer synthesis.


Title Postdoctoral Researcher: Molecular Biology of Chemoreception
Categories Post-Doctoral
Organization Emory University
Location Atlanta GA
Website http://www.pedsresearch.org/people/faculty/nael-a-mccarty
Contact namcar@emory.edu
Job Information

A POSTDOCTORAL POSITION in the molecular biology of chemoreception is available in the laboratory of Dr. Nael McCarty at Emory University (http://www.pedsresearch.org/people/faculty/nael-a-mccarty). This project is funded by the National Science Foundation in collaboration with Prof. Julia Kubanek (http://www.biosci.gatech.edu/people/julia-kubanek) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The postdoctoral fellow will be located in the Department of Pediatrics at Emory, in Atlanta, GA, USA, and will investigate the molecular mechanisms that organisms use to sense chemical signals and cues in their environments. The basis of chemoreception involving cell signaling pathways is relatively understudied and has applications to biomedical research and human biology. Expertise in any of these areas is desirable: protein and nucleic acid purification, cell culture techniques, CRIPR-Cas9 technology, immunohistochemistry, gene expression analysis, protein-ligand interactions, signal transduction, protein trafficking, and fluorescence microscopy. Thus, a Ph.D. with research experience in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, or a related field is expected.
The facilities and other resources available at Emory University and Georgia Tech provide research investigators with a rich environment, supportive of successful scientific research. Specifically, Emory has a strong history in biomedical research, and Georgia Tech has a strong history in engineering approaches and quantitative measurements to translate research findings into models and devices across both biomedical and non-biomedical fields. Both Emory and Georgia Tech are committed to interdisciplinary research that leverages the overlapping strengths across the two campuses, separated by only 5 miles.
The position is available immediately and will be initially offered for two years with the possibility of renewal dependent upon successful progress in research. Successful The salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. Interested individuals should send a CV, a letter describing career goals, and the names and email addresses of 3 references to Nael McCarty by e-mail (
Applications will be accepted until a suitable individual is found.


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