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Research Interests in Pharmacognosy, Natural Products Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry of Natural Products, Bioorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Chemical Ecology, Natural Product Synthesis, and Herbal Medicines.  In some institutions, these fields are specifically associated with a single department (e.g., Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry), and a link is provided to a single laboratory or a department with a few researchers in the natural products field.  In other institutions, however, researchers of natural products reside in various departments.  In those cases, a link to the institution is provided.  To find the relevant researchers, put “natural product” or a similar search into the institution’s search engine.  This will lead to the specific researchers interested in these areas, although it may yield unrelated links as well.  Please notify the webmaster of any broken, outdated or misleading links.

A database of undergraduate and graduate schools: (pharmacognosy or natural products chemistry are not listed, but characteristics and comparative costs of many programs are available).

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