ASP Honorary Members

Honorary members are members of the Society who have a distinguished record and have been recognized for their service to the American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP). This service may take various forms, but exemplifies outstanding, enduring support of the Society, from contributions to executive functions of the organization and to the Journal of Natural Products, to immersion in the Society’s initiatives in order to advance the growth and development of pharmacognosy as a discipline and its members as natural product scientists. An honorary member is an ambassador for the Society, promoting its vitality, its outreach and its depth.

The Honorary Membership Committee (HMC) recommends nominees to the ASP executive committee. The committee shall carry out its duties as prescribed under the guidelines approved by the ASP Executive Committee. These duties shall include the receipt of nominations for honorary membership in the Society from the membership and the presentation of the committee recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Although we do not actively solicit names, the Honorary Membership Committee wishes to receive nominations through a transparent process. We welcome nominations, particularly from members of the Executive Committee and the ASP membership at large, that illuminate the contributions of members who fulfill the above-stated criteria.

We welcome any suggestions, and please reach out to any of the members of the HMC anytime.
Ray Cooper Chair
Cindy Angerhofer
Sidney Hecht

Honorary Members

  • Dr. John H. Cardellina, II
  • Dr. David P. Carew, University of Iowa
  • Dr. John M. Cassady, Oregon State University
  • Dr. Geoffrey Cordell, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Dr. Gordon M. Cragg, National Cancer Institute
  • Dr. Harry H.S. Fong, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Dr. William Keller, Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc.
  • Dr. Ikhlas Khan, University of Mississippi
  • Dr. A. Douglas Kinghorn, Ohio State University
  • Dr. Robert J. Krueger, Ferris State University
  • Dr. Roy Okuda, San Jose State University
  • Dr. James E. Robbers, Purdue University
  • Dr. Yuzuru Shimizu, University of Rhode Island
  • Dr. E. John Staba, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Otto Sticher, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Hildebert Wagner, University of Munich
  • Dr. Mansukh C. Wani, Research Triangle Institute, NC

Honorary Members (Deceased)

  • Jack L. Beal
  • Lynn R. Brady
  • Arnold Brossi
  • Norman R. Farnsworth
  • Jonathan L. Hartwell
  • Robert Hegnauer
  • Albert Hofmann
  • Tatsuo Karyone
  • John T. Lloyd
  • Kurt Mothes
  • Frant. Santavy
  • Paul Scheuer
  • Richard E. Schultes
  • Arthur E. Schwarting
  • David J. Slatkin
  • Gordon Svoboda
  • Richard B. Wasicky
  • John J. Willaman
  • Varro E. Tyler
  • Heber W. Youngken, Jr.
  • Monroe E. Wall
  • S. William Pelletier

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