Officers and Committees

Ed Kennelly — President (2015-2016)
Cindy Angerhofer — Vice President (2016)
Nicholas Oberlies — Secretary (to Aug 2016)
Jim McAlpine — Treasurer (to Aug 2019)
Nam-Cheol Kim — Assistant Treasurer (to Aug 2017)
Laura Stoll — ASP Business Manager (2015-2016)

ASP Executive Committee (2015-2016)

ASP President
ASP Vice-President
Phil Proteau — Member (Aug 2012 – Aug 2016)
Barry O’Keefe — Member (Aug 2013 – Aug 2017)
Melany Puglisi-Weening — Member (Aug 2014 – Aug 2018)
Joe Betz — Member (Aug 2015 – Aug 2019)
Phil Crews — Past President (Aug 2015- Aug 2016)
John H. Cardellina II — ASP Foundation Chair (2016), ex officio
A. Douglas Kinghorn — Editor, J. Nat. Prod. (2014), ex officio

Other Standing Committees (2014-2015)

Nominating Committee

Phil Crews, Past President, Chair, ex officio
Jon Clardy (to Aug 2015)
Sheo Singh (to Aug 2015)

Tellers Committee

Nicholas Oberlies, Chair (to Aug 2015)
Xiaolan Kou (to Aug 2016)
John R. Porter (to Aug 2016)

Membership Committee

Cindy Angerhofer Chair, Vice-President, ex officio (to Aug 2016)
Mark Blumenthal (to Aug 2016)
Dan Kulakowski
Holly Johnson

Honorary Membership Committee

Ray Cooper, Chair (to Aug 2016)
Cindy Angerhofer (to Aug 2015)
Sid Hecht (to Aug 2017)

Norman Farnsworth Research Achievement Award Committee

David Kingston, Chair (year 3 of 3)
Bill Fenical (year 3 of 3)
Nick Oberlies (year 2 of 3)

Awards and Funds Committee

Anthony Wright, Chair (year 5 of 5)
Mark O’Neil Johnson (year 2 of 5)
William Jones (year 1 of 5)
Ikhlas Khan (year 2 of 5)
Wendy Kelly (year 1 of 5)
Robert Krueger, ASPF Treasurer, (ex officio)

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Gil Belofsky, Chair (year 2 of 3)
Maged Sharaf (year 3 of 3)
Steve Swanson (year 1 of 3)

Publicity Committee

Marcy Balunas, Chair (year 1 of 3)
Susie Tempesta (year 1 of 3)
Kerry McPhail (year 2 of 3)
Jim McAlpine, Treasurer (ex officio)

Publications Committee

A. Douglas Kinghorn, Chair (year 1 of 5)
Daneel Ferriera (year 5 of 5)
Philip Proteau (year 1 of 5)
John H. Cardellina, II (year 2 of 5)
Steve Swanson (year 2 of 5)
Cedric Pearce (year 2 of 5)
vacant position
vacant position
Jim McAlpine\Pex officio)
ASP members of the Editorial Advisory Board

Varro E. Tyler Prize Selection Committee

Chantal Bergeron, Chair
Gordon Cragg
Nam-cheol Kim

Ad Hoc Committees

2015 Annual Meeting Organizing Committee

Robert H. Cichewicz

2016 Annual Meeting/ICNPR Organizing Committee

Barbara Timmermann

2017 Annual Meeting Organizing Committee

Phil Proteau

2018 Annual Meeting Organizing Committee

Jurgen Rohr and Joe Chappell

2019 Annual Meeting Organizing Committee

Melany Puglisi-Weening and Tim Bugni

Art Schwarting and Jack Beal Awards Committee

John Beutler, Chair
Shmuel Carmeli
Mark Hamann

ASP Conference Committee

Stefan Gafner, Chair
Roy Okuda
Robert Cichewicz
John Beutler
Laura Stollroex officio)

ASP Job Service Committee

Lou Barrows, Chair
Scott Baggett

Auditing Committee

Jimmy Orjala, Chair
Chun-tao Che
Taichi Inui

ASP Web Site Committee

John R. Porter, Chair
Jeremy Beau
Sandra Loesgen

ASP Newsletter Committee

Edward J. Kennelly, Editor
Gordon Cragg
Kevin Tidgewell
Devhra Bennettjones

Younger Members Committee

Brian Murphy, Chair
Marcy Balunas
Jeremy Beau
Eduardo Esquanazi
Amy Lane
Sandra Loesgen
Kevin Tidgewell

Archives Committee

Roy Okuda, Chair
Doug Kinghorn
Bill Baker

ASP Mailing Address (not to be used for new or renewing member applications or payments)

3149 Dundee Road #260
Northbrook, IL 60062