ASP Fellows


Fellows of the American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP) are chosen because of their continuing, high level contributions in the field of natural products and records of sustained achievement within their sub-disciplines. The status of ASP Fellows differ from other awards and honors of the ASP in that Fellows are expected to serve an active role in the ASP by furthering natural products sciences.

The first ASP Fellows consists of previous ASP “Norman R. Farnsworth Research Achievement Award” recipients (formerly known as ASP Research Achievement Award) who remain in good standing with the Society.

Society Fellows will serve as an advisory body to the ASP in scientific and professional matters of importance to the ASP and natural products research. Fellows are also charged to serve as advocates for the ASP and the natural products field.

Candidates for Fellowship will be nominated by the existing Fellows and ratified by the Executive Committee during the Annual Meeting. No more than 0.5% of Society membership may be nominated in a single year and no more than 5% of the ASP membership is eligible for Fellowship.

ASP Fellows are anticipated to serve lifetime terms. Nominated ASP Fellows are not required to be members of the ASP. However, to retain status as ASP Fellows, new Fellows must join and remain members in good standing in the ASP within one year of ratification by the Executive Committee.

Removal will be considered if a Fellow submits a resignation in writing or in cases of scientific or professional misconduct.

ASP Fellows will hold a special closed session to discuss candidates for Fellowship, as well as other Fellows business at the ASP Annual Meeting.


Current ASP Fellows